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So you want to write fiction…

Looking for help to write better fiction? Here’s why accountability groups for writers might not work for you – and what you should try instead.

A teacher for writers

My writers get the best and I am totally unashamed to say so. Here’s why I’ve realised that I’m a triple threat when it comes to helping writers work on their craft.

Character and Scene Goals

Stuck in the middle of your novel? You’ve got at least an idea of how the novel will end, but the middle is all wobbly? Focus on the goals of your characters, and the goals of the scenes in your novel.

Finding an Original Story Idea

I talk to a lot of people who tell me they feel disappointed because they had a great idea for a novel they wanted to write, but then they discovered the book had already ‘been done’. So what now?

How to do a Writing Sprint

Writing sprints are all the rage with writers and authors. It doesn’t matter whether you write fiction or non-fiction. They work whatever genre or sub-genre you write. A writing sprint is a closely focused period of time spent writing.

Two Ways to Make your Novel Better

Thinking about how to make your novel better? Here are two of the key ways for the budding or improving writer to make huge improvements to their stories and to improve their confidence in their skills.

Should I get an editor before a publisher or agent?

No traditional publisher or literary agent wants to take on a book or a writer who hasn’t already come a long way on the road to being a polished author. Your job as author is to show them that your book is ready for that. Here’s how you do it.

Do I Need An Editor For My Book?

If you’re deciding whether your book is ready for editing, first read my thoughts on the editing process and what it can offer you, when you’re ready.

Children’s Author Claire Fayers joins me on Clubhouse

Claire Fayers will be joining me on Clubhouse for a discussion and Q&A on 23rd September 2021 at 8pm (UK time). This is an exciting opportunity to listen to a traditionally published author give her experiences of being a writer of children’s books – and maybe even ask your own question!

Writers’ Pool on Clubhouse

Whether you’re a new writer or writing your third novel, a community to share ideas and receive encouragement is something special.

Follow my Club (Writers’ Pool) on Clubhouse to get this benefit. A community for writers to discuss, collaborate and support each other. It’s a non-judgemental, non-stuffy space which welcomes writers of all experience levels. It’s about helping each other up rather than knocking each other down.