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How to Write a Novel for Beginners

You want to write a novel. You’ve got some story ideas bouncing around your head, but you don’t know how to even begin. Every novel you read makes you want to write your own book too, yet it also scares you.
Those novels you read are just so… good. They’re polished and clever and well written. It makes you feel that you could never write something good enough so you maybe shouldn’t bother.

What Does Show Don’t Tell Mean In Writing?

The advice writers are most often given is ‘show don’t tell’. In Facebook writing groups, critique groups, writers’ circles, creative writing workshops, the mantra is ‘show don’t tell’. What does it even mean? What are you supposed to achieve with that? It sounds confusing. It sounds like you’re meant to draw pictures for your readers rather than write them a story.

How to Write a Story that Will Make Someone Cry

Many writers wish they knew how to write a story that will make someone cry. They want to know how to make their readers feel such strong emotion that they sob while reading about fictional characters. Many such writers get part of the answer on their own: they understand that to make people cry they need to have characters in their stories who feel strong emotions themselves.

How to Write a Book to Generate Leads

It seems that every business owner wants to know how to write a book to generate leads. They want to stand out from the crowd. They want to attract more clients and position themselves as an expert in their industry. How do you write a book that will generate leads for your business?

How Do I Self-Publish a Book to Build my Brand?

How you can self-publish a book to build your brand and make your audience fall in love with your message? You want to attract more customers and position yourself as an expert. And of course a book is a great way to do that. It’s low cost to the reader and is incredibly shareable in its format. But going straight to asking ‘how do I publish a book?’ is not the place to start.

How to Write a Book to Build Your Brand

Many branding experts recommend writing a book. Often, their top tip for building your brand is to write a book. Yes, it is a good idea to do this, for all the reasons they say it is. More specifically, it is a good idea to write a GOOD book.

Why People Can’t See Your Story’s Value

Do you get upset when people can't see your story's value? Especially when they say they're interested in what you want to share with the world, but their actions don't live up...

How To Make Yourself Immortal

Our own mortality weighs heavily on us humans. If only we could make ourselves immortal. Sound a bit heavy? Only because it's true. Picture those alchemists of old, hunched over...

The One Thing that Makes a Good Story

The One Thing that Makes a Good Story.. What makes a story a good one? Ask one person and he will say, “Action, and lots of it.” Ask another and she will say, “I want to get to...