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Helping writers to write

Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers tells us what makes someone an expert at what they do. It’s the ten thousand hours rule. Practice makes someone brilliant at something… ten thousand hours of practice. I’ve been thinking lately about what makes me the person who’s best placed to help writers. I mean… why me? I read Outliers a few years ago and it should have dawned on me before now.

I asked myself, what exactly do I do? I help people to write the best book they can. I teach people to write novels that other people will want to read. I mentor those people to become more confident in their writing.

A teacher for writers

I was a teacher for fifteen years. Do I have ten thousand hours of practice at that? Hell, yes.

I have written for years. Do I have ten thousand hours of practice at writing? Totally.

And what is a teacher other than a kind of mentor? Not only a mentor of students but of other, newer teachers… I mentored student teachers for years.

I’ve realised that I’m a triple threat. I’m a fiction writer who knows how to teach (or coach) and how to mentor. I know exactly what I am doing. My writers get the best and I am totally unashamed to say so.

Writing fiction with confidence

I love to help people grow in confidence, to express the stories they have within them, and to help them see that they already have the potential and power to become the writer they want to be. I help budding authors write their first book, and emerging authors prepare their manuscripts for publishing.

So if you’re dreaming of becoming a published author, then I can help. I can help you gain the clarity you crave regarding what you want to achieve with your writing. My coaching helps you see how you can get there, and to help you experience those ‘light bulb’ moments regarding your writing style and structure. My membership community for writers –  Storytellers Elite – gives you direct, regular access to me plus other benefits. Even my book helps people learn to tell stories!

And that book by Gladwell… you should definitely read that.

Online workshop for developing writers - Storytellers Elite

Writing doesn’t have to be lonely.

If you wish to develop your writing skills, join our community and build confidence in your abilities! Storytellers Elite is a small network of writers at varying stages of their careers, so our events mould to the needs of the group. We can offer support and encouragement to keep writing, keep improving and keep on learning.
If your writing troubles are ones concerning motivation, you’ll enjoy the writing sprints, writing prompts, and accountability to keep everyone on track. You’ll also be invited to carefully critique the writing of others, helping them progress with their projects too.

Joining Storytellers Elite gives you the accountability, guidance and community you’ve been looking for. If you're a writer with long term goals, find out how to become a member. Or you can join in as a guest at our next monthly online meeting to try it out first.

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