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The Story of Writing, told by Writers.

Writing is a solitary activity, but being a writer is not. Deanne Adams and Hazel Hitchins share the frustrations of being a writer and fun times that lie ahead.

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Deanne Adams + Hazel Hitchins

Read Write Rant

Join writers Deanne Adams and Hazel Hitchins and learn more about the world of writing.

Deanne coaches writers in understanding what makes a story really work. ‘Telling Stories with Spark’ is a jargon-light book that explains how to tell stories that readers find irresistible. In 2022, she plans to release a historical thriller set in Elizabethan England.

Hazel is an active writer of childrens fiction and cat wrangler.  She also writes as Siwan Freeman and has published a supernatural anthology, ‘The Missed Appointment‘. 

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