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Overcoming self sabotaging traps as a writer

As writers, we often face one common obstacle that hinders our productivity. Think about how you might be sabotaging your own writing goals. Are you letting perfectionism stop you from finishing your drafts? Or are you procrastinating on the next steps?

NEW! Online masterclass for fiction writers

If you sign with a traditional publisher you need to be ready to take an active part in your book’s marketing.This workshop is for any fiction writer wanting to learn more about the traditional publication process and how to prepare to collaborate with your marketing team to give your books the best possible push.

Writing without a plan?

If you’ve made a plan for your writing projects, do you need to stick to it? I share some insights on how to achieve a breakthrough in your storytelling.

The fear of writing the ‘wrong’ thing

How do writers know what to write about? Where do they get their ideas? Not by some winged inspiration fairy whispering in their ears, that’s for sure. How to overcome the fear of writing the ‘wrong’ thing

Is Writing your goal for 2024?

Making writing your goal for 2024? Here’s some advice for very busy people trying to be writers, too. Progress, not perfection!

Get your novel out into the world!

Ideal for new writers and those who have written short fiction, this high-end value and support can help you get your book out into the world. You don’t have to struggle for years on your own or put off your writing because you don’t know how to start.

How do you become a published novelist?

Here’s something that gets you from beginner fiction writer to published author. Find out more about this end-to-end support for new writers, from idea to publishing.

No time to write your book?

Want to write a book, but don’t have the time? Here’s some advice for anyone who wants to write a book… but isn’t. Make today the day you make a start on a bestselling novel!