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Are you a fiction writer eager to navigate the world of traditional publishing?

Look no further!I’m thrilled to announce my upcoming masterclass, designed specifically for authors like you who want to demystify the process and collaborate effectively with marketing teams.

I’ll be teaming up with Karen Bultiauw who brings bags of experience in successful marketing campaigns for books, so we can share this essential knowledge about the industry.

Do you want to get your novel traditionally published?

Some writers think that their publisher will take care of all the marketing for them. This is not the case.

You need to know about marketing and be ready to take an active part – and there are very specific ways to market if you sign with a traditional publisher.

Find out how by attending our workshop.

If you sign with a traditional publisher you need to be ready to take an active part in your book’s marketing.

The word ‘marketing’ gets a lot of attention in author and writer circles, but what does marketing entail in a traditional publishing journey? In this masterclass with Karen Bultiauw, you’ll learn what marketing and publicity mean in publishing (and the difference between public-facing and trade marketing). You will also find out where the marketing and publicity department fits into the publishing journey and understand the cycle of writing and marketing/promotion in a traditionally published author’s career.

I’m a non-fiction writer or a self-publishing fiction writer. Is this masterclass for me?

There will be some overlap with non-fiction in the basic process in traditional publishing, but some of the requirements for you as the author will be very different from fiction debuts. Similarly, knowing about these processes as an indie author is helpful, but you will fulfil all roles yourself.

This workshop is for any fiction writer wanting to learn more about the traditional publication process and how to prepare to collaborate with your marketing team to give your books the best possible push.

We’ll be pleased to give you a warm welcome. Hope to see you there!

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