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Written by Deanne Adams


Let me tell you a secret – Every writer feels the same way. It’s natural to care about the opinions of others, but it’s not healthy to stress over them.

This fear is common amongst writers. Even those who are published authors feel nervous about sharing it with others. But they have overcome it by practising how to craft their story. They improved their draft with each revision and rewrite, until they reached the end. It required hard work to produce a novel that they hope will captivate avid readers, and the most rewarding outcomes always come from diligent effort, don’t they? Something worth having takes consistent work. 

Although a novel is the creation of its author, it often benefits from broader influences; a team of experts, a community of peers, and lots of feedback that shaped their creation.

We crave the validation of our peers, but this also has a drawback. It ties our self esteem to their opinions. When our loved ones don’t give us the thumbs-up, it hurts our sense of worth. Writers know this pressure well, but we also have a responsibility to share our stories with others. That’s the ultimate destination for our creation. Why create something new and keep it hidden from other human beings? But the craving for validation often makes new writers hide their work from critical eyes. This is especially devastating to a new writer who has dreams that are not understood or supported by their loved ones.

Why would a fiction writer fear sharing their work with others? 

There are many possible reasons, but one of them is the fear of rejection. Writing fiction is a creative and personal process, and it can be hard to expose your imagination and emotions to the world. You might worry that people will judge you unfairly, criticise your writing or misunderstand you. You might think that your work is not good enough, original enough, or interesting enough. You might feel vulnerable and insecure about your abilities and your identity as a writer. 

These fears are natural and common, but they can also be overcome. Sharing your work with others can be a rewarding and enriching experience, as you can get feedback, support, and inspiration from other writers and readers. You can learn from their perspectives, improve your skills, and discover new possibilities for your stories. 

Connect with other Writers

You may think that other writers are more confident and experienced than you, and that you have nothing to offer them. But this is not true. Many writers face similar challenges and struggles as you do. You have a common passion for creativity and expressing yourself through words. By reaching out to other writers, you can benefit from their support and feedback, as well as offer your own. They can help you overcome your fears and doubts, and inspire you to grow as a writer.  

One way to connect with other writers is to join my online community, where you can share your work and get constructive criticism from peers who understand your journey. It’s a safe and friendly space to learn from each other and improve your writing skills. If you need some support and encouragement to bring out your hidden works, Storytellers Elite is the place for you. You can join our next online group session and participate in lively discussions about writing and see how we can help you achieve your writing goals.

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Don’t let fear stop you from sharing your work with others. 

As a writer, you have a gift of expressing your thoughts to others. You have something unique and valuable to offer, and you deserve to be heard and appreciated. Being a successful writer is not a solitary journey, but a result of positive influences and continuous improvement. 

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