Short Story That Works




Short Story That Works

This short online course teaches you the fundamentals of writing a short story that… well… works! In three easy stages, I’ll help you learn the shape of a great story and practical ways to get the words out of your head and on to the page.

You’ll learn:

  • the way to create a punchy story beginning and a believable character
  • how to keep the middle of your story going. This is where most stories go wrong but with an understanding of how to keep the action building, you can keep on the right path.
  • how to leave your audience with a clear message at the end of the story. You’ll be able to convey the point of the story with real impact, without seeming to dictate a high-handed moral.

Short Short That Works also gives you the opportunity to receive personalised feedback on a short story you’ve written (up to 1000 words) after going through the course. The feedback will help you identify what you are doing well in your story writing, areas you can develop, and what the best way forward is for you and your writing.


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