Tell The Stories You Were Born To Tell

Make Stronger Connections by Telling Better Stories

YOU have stories you were born to tell. You’d love to be recognised as a teller or writer of great stories, but it is proving much harder to get noticed than you thought it would be.

Perhaps you are struggling to get noticed as a writer of fiction. You might have personal stories to tell but they don’t seem to have any impact on people. How demoralising. It doesn’t seem to matter how many courses in creative writing you’ve signed up to, nothing seems to make people take more notice of your stories.

Whether the stories you have to tell are fictional or personal, the same principles of storytelling apply. They are the same principles that have applied since people first learned to communicate through speech. It’s not a fad or a fashion… it’s the ways people get into others’ imaginations. I can help you learn these principles and practise them so that you can transform the impact you have when you tell your stories.


‘Why Don’t People Pay Attention to My Stories?’

We all receive thousands of messages every day. We filter most of them out without even knowing we are doing it. It isn’t anything to do with YOU that people don’t listen to your stories. Don’t take it personally. The Storytellers’ Academy can help you cut through this and get you telling stories in a way that will have people hanging on your every word.

If this sounds like you, The Storytellers’ Academy is for you. Join today.

Don’t believe the LIE!

The LIE? What’s that?

The LIE is the message which has grown up over recent generations that great storytellers are born that way. That the rest of us can’t possibly become wonderful storytellers because the words don’t just flow out of us as we wish they would.

Here’s the truth… those great writers…? They have to work on it, too. They have to learn their craft. They make mistakes. They suffer self-doubt. Just like the rest of us.

You can learn. The Storytellers’ Academy can get you there. Join today.

  • Do you want to transform the impact you have when you tell your stories?
  • Do you want to get people to listen to you?
  • Do you want to be part of an online community of likeminded individuals?
  • Do you want to tell stories which really engage people’s imaginations?
  • Do you want to ENJOY storytelling?

If you recognise yourself, then The Storytellers’ Academy is absolutely for you.

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Once you’re in – you’re in. No upgrade fees. However much the joining fee is at the time you join, that’s what you pay.