Navigate your Writing ‘Road Bump’ Package

Starting to write a novel or non-fiction book is exciting. You’ve got all these ideas and you set off on that road at high speed.

Before long you hit a bump in the road. You don’t know if your character, setting and plot are strong enough. Or you’ve got a load of notes about your topic but no idea how to get them in order or whether anyone will be interested.

You start thinking that you need help. But what help is there?

You know there are editors out there, but that’s only going to help if you’ve actually written something, yes? And it won’t help you with your questions about the whole project. It’s hard to get much written if you don’t know exactly what you want to write!

I understand the problem and I’ve got a solution.

My Navigate Your Writing ‘Road Bump’ Package helps you figure out the shape of the book you’re trying to write so that you can get over this sticky patch and move on with clarity and confidence.

If you’re writing a novel, we’ll talk about your character and their story, making it stronger and identifying where you should begin the story.

If you’re writing non-fiction, we’ll talk about who you’re writing it for, what it’s going to help them with and what you’re going to get out of it for yourself.

We don’t stop there.

Once we’ve talked and you’ve written your first chapter (up to 5k words), you can send it to me for feedback. I’ll let you know where you’re on the right track and where you could make changes and improvements in the structure and content.

Any book, fiction or non-fiction, has to appeal to the right sort of reader. This package is ideal if you’ve hit a snag in the planning or first draft stage of your writing.

Writing Road Bump Package £167

an hour video call (Zoom) to help you know how to move on

commentary of up to 5k words to keep you on track with your plan and to suggest further development

Book now and get over that road bump!

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