How to Write a Book to Build Your Brand

How do you build your brand with a book?

Many branding experts recommend writing a book. Often, their top tip for building your brand is to write a book. Yes, it is a good idea to do this, for all the reasons they say it is. More specifically, it is a good idea to write a GOOD book. Let’s be honest, though… You know those gurus who tell you that the world is waiting to hear from you? The ones who say you just need to put your story out there and the world will love you, listen to you and be converted to your message? It’s as easy as that? They’re telling you what you want to hear.

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Yes, that massive potential audience out there cares about STORY. You’ve been told right about that. But you will not build your brand or grow a huge following of dedicated superfans by writing a book about where you came from, your vision and how you overcame obstacles to achieve it. That is leading you down a blind alley.

That kind of book can only be successfully written by someone who has already made it big in their chosen field. They are the people at the top of the tree, whose lives others want to study in minute detail so they can try to replicate their success. If you’re already that person, great. Crack on and write that book with yourself as the hero.

What kind of book should you write to start your climb to the top?

If you haven’t reached the top of your industry yet, you’ll need to write a different kind of book. Sure, you’ve got something that can help other people. Of course you can lead others. But ask yourself this… would YOU go for help from someone who does nothing but talk about themselves? Most self-published books that claim to help, lead or inspire people are crap. Full of good intentions, of course. The writers have lived experience and wisdom to share. They set out to show their community the way to fix their problem, and they want to build their brand in an authentic, unique way. Total respect. But these new writers make a fundamental mistake. They write a book that doesn’t solve anyone’s problem. It might be a readable account of their own journey, put up a framework of principles to follow and give some sound advice, but few people who read it will be able to unpick all of that and make use of it. Even fewer readers will recommend it to others.

You need your writing to give people that feeling of having to share it with others. If it doesn’t, all your efforts to publicise and spread your message will go to waste. Your story can make a difference to others BUT you need to weave it into a greater story tapestry. A story in which you do NOT play the hero. Let your reader be the hero.

Let me say that again. You should NOT be the hero in your book. The hero should be the person you want to benefit from the book. 

Coaching for Writers

I’m not a publisher or a book marketer. I’m a writer and I help other people write, too. I’m not knocking the value of publishers or marketing and PR services. It’s just not what I do. And if you expect a book to make a difference to your branding or your following, the first thing you have to do is write a GOOD book.

Write the best book you can

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Learning, support and encouragement for amateur writers.
Learning, support and encouragement for amateur writers.


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