Write your book to help or coach others

This programme helps you write your self-help book. Based on your life / work experiences, and in an ego-free, genuinely helpful way. We will draw out the useful and relevant story from your experience to help others solve their problem.


Writing Problems that these programme solves: 

  • Not knowing where to start, or how to organise it
  • Making a start and giving up because it doesn’t sound right
  • Frustration because the book never gets done


Who the programme is for:

  • The person who wants the book to change lives/improve an area of readers’ lives
  • The person who intends to self-publish or seek a traditional publisher/agent
  • The person who wants help to write a book that reaches out to the right readers


Package 1 - 'Jump Start'


For writers who want to be walked the first few steps and then shown the way ahead
(Estimated investment time 6-8 weeks)

Planning Consultation

  • who the book is for
  • what they will get out of it (these two prepare you for writing Chapter One)
  • Action Plan (drawing up research/collation/preparation tasks for you to complete. This will get you started on creating and organising the content for the other chapters)


  • detailed guidance to write the first chapter that hooks the ideal reader with the certainty that they need this book
  • finding the starting point of the narrative you should share with your reader, based on what is relevant and useful to the reader
  • creating and organising logical chapter headings that take the reader on their journey
  • step by step, 1:1 mentoring to achieve these

Package 2 - 'Get the manual'


Perfect for writers who want more guidance to create a book that will ‘hit the spot’
(Estimated investment time 9-11 weeks)

Everything in Package 1 PLUS

  • editing/commentary of Chapter One (ensuring it hooks the reader). Also checking for consistency of facts, style and flow, clarity and accuracy
  • mentoring to strengthen your writing style and ‘voice’ so that your other chapters will engage your readers’ attention

    Package 3 - 'Travel with you'


    For writers who want to create a book that delivers an absolute gem to your readers from cover to cover
    (Estimated investment time 15-17 weeks)

    EVERYTHING in Package 2 PLUS


    • mind-mapping mentoring session to draw your book’s content out of the brain fog to give your readers full value all the way through
    • regular mentoring to help you embed engaging storytelling into all your chapters to keep your readers fully engaged
    • FULL manuscript editing (up to 30k words)

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