Manuscript Critique

In a critique, I offer honest, constructive insights to enable the writer to make changes and produce the absolute best manuscript possible. I write as I read, so that the writer is able to track how a reader responds to the manuscript at key points.

A fiction or creative non-fiction manuscript such as a biography or memoir is critiqued under the headings of Plot, Tone and Character. Style is discussed as a natural, integral part of these, since it flows through the entire text.

Other non-fiction manuscripts are normally critiqued under the headings of Structure, Tone and Clarity. Non-fiction is an incredibly broad term, however, so other headings can be devised in consultation with the writer when this is appropriate.

Whether you intend to take a traditional route by pitching your manuscript to publishers, or to present your work to the public by self-publishing, a critique is in your interests since it enables you to gauge how successfully you have achieved what you set out to do, and it identifies problems such as flaws of logic, repetitions and omissions – something best done by an objective person. Just as is the case with proofreading, the writer is generally too involved in the process of writing to see the problems.

Works well in conjunction with proofreading.

Charged at £200 for the first 20,000 words of a manuscript. Each additional 5,000 words charged at £40.

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