Ghost Writing

Ghost writing is suitable for someone who needs to write a book but lacks the time, know-how or even the inclination.

This person hands over documents to the ghost writer, takes part in recorded interviews and shares information in other appropriate ways, then the ghost writer writes the manuscript on that person’s behalf.

Sometimes, ghost writing is appropriate for non-commercial purposes, such as an autobiography or memoir to be circulated amongst family members and friends, or to be left for posterity. In this circumstance, making money is not usually the aim.

At other times, ghost writing is appropriate for commercial reasons, either to make the money back plus some more (given a reasonable length of time), or as a tool for use in a business.

This could be

  • a book about your business expertise and experiences
  • a compilation of the history of a firm/organisation
  • a how-to book in a niche subject area
  • a set of letters or diaries which need editing
  • a work of fiction you have in your head but don’t have the time or energy to write yourself.

It is up to you to find a paying readership for your finished manuscript. You need to decide how you wish to be published – assuming you choose self-publishing, you need to decide between an e-book, a print on demand (POD) bound book, or both. You need to have chosen a topic which has a ready and willing readership, and you need enough raw material from which the manuscript can be shaped.

But the most important thing you need – the element which can never be removed – is a manuscript of publishable quality. This is what I can offer you.

Hours and hours of my time go into a ghost written manuscript… reading of documents, replaying of interviews with you, planning, organising, drafting, editing and proofreading. For this reason, I only take on one ghost writing client at a time.

The time frame for completion of the manuscript is dependent on factors such as the complexity of the subject matter, the number and accessibility of the necessary documents, and the length of the manuscript.

Please contact me to discuss fees.

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