Copywriting Service: The Words You Need

You know what your business is about. What it stands for. Every business – no matter how small – stands for something. But are you conveying this to your customers? Perhaps you can’t quite phrase it as you would wish. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to get around to it, meanwhile, that new business is slipping away.

Words, words, words…

They are your most powerful tool. It is not enough to be positive in your words about your business: doesn’t everyone do that? And doesn’t most advertising sound like, “Blah…blah…?”

The right words can express so much more.

The right words can say not just what you do, but what you stand for. And what you stand for is different from what everyone else stands for.

The right words make people remember you.

Graphics, glossy paper and getting your material to the target audience are all important… but it has to start with the words.

The right ones.

Or what about a tidy up?

It could be that you are essentially happy with the written material you have, but think it needs some editorial tweaks here and there, plus a proofreading ‘polish-up’. I can do that too!

Whatever your needs, give me a brief: we can discuss a time frame and a mutually acceptable fee!