Proofreading Service

Proofread your writing


Proofreading is the process of reviewing a final written draft. By proofreading your writing, you can detect any errors and ensure accuracy prior to release or publishing.

This is different to using a spelling checker tool commonly used on word processing.  A spell/grammar checker on word processing software does not have the ability to cope with the subtleties and nuances of English. Often the software will overlook a sentence that doesn’t have the right structure, or accept mistyped words that could mean another thing entirely. 

And no matter how careful you are, it is almost impossible for a writer to proofread his or her own work. The brain sees what it expects to be there. Writing takes time, and your concentration can start to wear off. As you become more familiar with your own written work, its easy to miss seeing a lot of errors. A second, careful, knowledgeable pair of eyes is invaluable, particularly if your writing is going to be published – repeat printing after mistakes have been spotted can be costly. Its much wiser to find these flaws beforehand. 

Proofreading helps you avoid grammar errors, punctuation, formatting and typing mistakes. It can you to write better sentences and paragraphs with more appropriate choices of words. Proofreading services can be useful if you produce written documents, articles, blogs and books. Charged at £8/thousand words or £7.50/thousand if the text is over 20,000 words.

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