Clubhouse for Writers

Whether you’re a new writer or writing your third novel, a community to share ideas and receive encouragement is something special.

Follow my Club (Writers’ Pool) on Clubhouse to get this benefit. It’s a non-judgemental, non-stuffy space which welcomes writers of all experience levels.

I run regular ‘rooms’ on the app about lots of aspects of writing and storytelling. Sometimes I invite special guests to join me in the room who can offer all kinds of valuable insights into the writing process and industry.

Room Schedule on Clubhouse

Can you edit your own writing? – Thursday 27th January, 8pm GMT.

Self-publishing experiences – Thursday 3rd February, 8pm GMT.

About Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-only mobile social media platform which promotes real connection between people. Find out more on the Clubhouse website. 

There’s no pressure to speak in any of my rooms if you’re a bit shy. So whether you’re a speaker or you’d prefer to stay in the audience, my Club is a great way to get support and motivation in your writing.