Virtual Workshops

Storytellers Elite offers support, learning and community for writers who want to make a career out of their writing.

Taking your writing to the next level and making a career out of it can be a lonely business, but Storytellers Elite helps you develop your writing in a small, friendly, supportive environment.  Storytellers Elite members also get 1:1 time each month and access to regular scene writing challenges and feedback (via Facebook group) to help you progress with your writing project.

I hold a monthly online group meeting where we meet to discuss a topic. Guests are welcome to join us by booking a ticket in advance. 

Writing Workshops

Nobody is just born to write. Every successful writer has spent time honing their craft. This creative writing workshop in South Wales is your chance to get ahead of the game.

Each workshop offers you a half day kick-start to develop your interest in writing stories and help you turn it into something more than a hobby. There are several problems that stop aspiring authors ever doing something about it … lack of time, confidence and good advice, getting stuck in your own head, those ‘who am I to do this?’ gremlins – and plain old-fashioned procrastination.

We will work through these blocks to your success. You’ll get the insider knowledge on what makes a story really work, from characters your readers love (or love to hate), to what showing rather than telling really means. You’ll learn how to create story people that are believable and get them moving around in your story world in a natural way that pushes your story onward.

You’ll get writing prompts to create your own story (so bring your favourite notebook), some blessed time away from distractions to actually write, and the chance to get useful feedback. Your ticket also includes a writer’s survival kit – including a copy of my book Telling Stories With Spark.

To find out more about the next workshop, please get in touch.